Seven Reasons Why People Like Troy Lighting


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Light is light, what’s more to it? Right? No, wrong! People often overlook the importance of lighting as it is one of the primordial necessities of our livelihood and we are so dependent on it that we often forget its presence unless darkness comes into the picture. As important as lighting is, lighting fixtures and lamps are equally important to be ignored. Without lighting fixtures that are in sync with the interior design, any interior design idea is bad and any home is lifeless and incomplete.

Troy lighting is one of the most commonly heard names in the American light manufacturing industry and a personal favorite of many people. Established in 1963 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the manufacturer has been a household name in the United States, lighting up homes and offices, and spreading beauty and elegance. Known for its excellence in design, quality and service, there are a lot of reasons why Troy Lighting is such a hit among many homeowners. Here are a few of them.

1. Unique and Original Designs

Troy Lighting is known for its genuine and unique designs that come into life through beautiful lamps, sconces and other popular light fixtures. Having a team of skilled designers and craftsman the company ensures that a fresh approach is put into each light fixture it produces. Be it residential or commercial, outdoor or indoor, the designers here can accurately judge what their customers want and make sure to deliver the same through innovative, bold and classis designs that will sweep them off their feet.

2. Superior Quality and Durability

Light fixtures from the manufacturer are known to be of superior quality and withstand all kinds of temperature changes, usage and roughage. This durability is achieved by using hand forged metals that are treated and carved to perfection by craftsman and not just by metal pieces coming from a cutting machine. A lot of effort is put into this to ensure that there are no performance or warranty issues at all.

3. Greater Finish

Apart from shape, size and quality of the lights, finishing these lamps and etching perfection out of them is also one of the most liked feature about Troy Lighting fixtures. The artists here are highly experienced and talented and all the final finishes are made by hand, that’s right hand applied finish and not a machine finish. Using hand forged metals and employing hand applied finish brings in a rustic and authentic feel to the lamps and makes the fixtures really stand out. In addition to this, glasses and shades that complement the entire light fixtures and the surroundings are used to produce these lights of utmost finish and perfection.

4. Good Network of Retailers

Troy Lighting is primarily a manufacturer of light fixtures and over the past 50 years, the manufacturer has earned quite a lot of appreciation and recommendation. The manufacturer, owing to its long time experience in the lighting industry has a good network of retailers to sell its lights. These retailers are carefully chosen to offer excellent customer services like quality, timely delivery, and friendly exchange and refund policies.

5. High Inspection Standards

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for a business to survive and thrive and Troy Lighting’s 50 years of success is self-explanatory for its excellent customer relations and satisfaction. The manufacturer ensures that each and every light fixture manufactured in its unit is subjected to high scrutiny and routine tests to ensure that it is working fine and continue to do so for a long time.

6. Wide Range of Choices

Troy, Arroyo Craftsman, and Northeast Lantern mainly specializes in three styles of lighting namely vintage, rustic and contemporary. Be it residential or commercial, outdoor or indoor, elegant, energy efficient, environment conscious or functional, these manufacturers has a wide range of light fixtures in its exhaustive collection.

7. Lower Prices

Last but not the least, the manufacturer offers all the above features for a price that comes in handy. Making no compromise with the quality or the service, Troy Lighting has managed to offer its wide range of light fixtures for a reasonable price for more than 40 years. No wonder it is one of the most successful and well-run companies in the lighting industry till date.

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