Ornamental Lighting with Besa Light Fixtures


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Create a balance between practicality and décor with a wide range of light fixtures available from Besa Lighting. The company is an industry leader in the field of contemporary lighting fixtures. Known for their exquisite, progressive and innovative fittings made with European glass, the company offers designs that are an epitome of functionality and allow a little room for flexibility. Their sophisticated designs complement all sorts of interiors. By combining time-honored skill of European artisans with avant-garde American designs, the company offers a perfect mix of excellent craftsmanship, beautiful fixtures and adjustable mounting choices. Their catalog comprises of a variety of designs and finishes, suitable for both residential and commercial clientele.

Why Lighting Plays an Important Role in Interior Scheme

Remember that the environs of your house change character all through the day. While your east facing living room will receive the direct glow from the sun in the early morning but it can be in shade and practically dark after noon. Similarly, the weather also affects the amount of natural daylight that each room in your house gets. Therefore, it is vital that the lighting requirements are taken into account while buying fittings for the area. The right kind of lighting can transform the whole feel and ambience of any room. In addition to providing the functional illumination required to carry out daily tasks in the area, the lights also offer artistic and mood elevating advantages.

Types of Light Effects

Ambience plays a crucial role in room illumination. While each room has a different role to play and needs fitting according to that, but even within each room, you may want to achieve different moods at different times. You can do this by playing with three main types of light effects:

•  Ambient

This is the basic and primary source of illumination in the area and mimics the effects of natural daylight. The glow of ambient lights is softer than that of harsh halogens, ambient lights and other wall fixtures and offers warm and relaxing glow. These lights are often used in living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms.

•  Accent

This type of light fulfills the creative aspect of lighting. It is used for aesthetic purposes instead of functional ones. They are meant to create drama in an area by highlighting a particular feature, such as a wall display, sculpture, painting or an architectural element. These lights are often used in addition to the ambient lights in the living area.

•  Task

Task lighting serves the functional aspect of lighting. They focus their glow on a specified area like study table or kitchen tops, so that various tasks undertaken in that area can be carried out with ease. Under wall lights, recessed lights, desk lamps and over the counter fixtures are just a few examples of task lighting.

While in kitchen area, the priority is to have appropriate task lighting to cook food properly; ambient lights are more suitable for relaxation area like living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Here are some of the tips to install Besa light fixtures in your house:

1.  As your entry hall is the first area that your guest witness on entering your house, it is advised that lights in the area should emit a warm and inviting glow. Falla pendant lamps from Besa will be perfect for this purpose.

2.  Your living room should offer a combination of all three types of lights – ambient, accent and task. Some Mixing Mettalics or Nico pendants in addition to a few lamps will look great in the living room.

3.  You should mount linear pendant lights like Sabrina or Brella from Besa over your kitchen top or in your bathroom for the task lighting needs.

4. Try installing Divi mini sconce in kid’s bedroom and Tamburo 8 or Metro sconces in master bedroom for relaxed and warm lighting. Also add some wardrobe lights, table lamps and night lights to your bedroom illumination scheme.

5.  Do not forget your outdoors. Exterior lighting (compnetworking.about.com/od/homeautomationsystems/a/exterior-lighting-automation-methods.htm) is as important as indoor illumination. Mount some fixtures from Costaluz, the outdoor lighting range of Besa Lighting and illuminate your landscaping, outer walls, garden areas, porch and driveway.

Do not ignore the lighting scheme of your house anymore. With these tips at hand, you can choose light fittings from Besa Lighting that will complement your home interiors and make it look stunning and welcoming!

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