A List of the Best Hudson Valley Pendants


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Pendant lights are a special type of light fixtures that resemble chandeliers in their form and shape, but are very distinct and different from chandeliers. They are smaller and less bright when compared to chandeliers. Pendant lights are those special fixtures that are used for both exterior and interior decoration. Normally suspended from ceilings, these fixtures are extensively used to illuminate kitchen islands, dining tables and hallways where the focusing of light on a particular spot is required and a certain ambience is to be created. Pendant lights find a lot of application in interior design due to the focused lighting and ambience they create around them.

Hudson Valley is a leading lighting manufacturer in the US who specializes in the manufacture of Pendant lights. Hudson Valley Pendants are one of the most popular lighting fixtures in the market owing to their unique design, build quality, superior finish and energy efficiency. This article will list out the best Hudson Valley Pendants and describe each of them in brief. Read on.

1. Altamont

Altamont Pendant lights are available in a variety of different colors and finish. However, they all share an iconic design and shape which includes unique ring and rod chains interlocked with one another. These rods are attached to a conical shaped metal piece which shields the light bulb within. The metal plate is beautifully detailed with intricate rivets and seams that give the pendant a classic, vintage appeal. These Hudson Valley Pendants are available in Distressed Bronze, Historic nickel and Polished nickel metallic finish.

2. Arietta

Arietta Pendant lights have 4 light bulbs in them and resemble a chandelier in many ways. Having a design and shape that resembles chandeliers used in the ancient times, these Pendants are dominantly crest shaped with grand lines and corners surrounding the central crest. A thick metal column is used in the center to support the entire structure and this column is surrounded by thick, laser-cut acrylic planes. Ariettas are available in Aged brass and Polished nickel finishes.

3. Brookline

Brookline is a typical industrial light fixture that embodies a vintage look. Perfect for homes and offices that are industrial themed, Brookline Pendants have long and vintage looking tungsten filament surrounded by a diamond patterned cage that is either aged brass or polish nickel finished. The diamond patterned cage is available in both horizontal and vertical shaped and is polished at the edges to give out a smooth, metallic finish.

4. Colebrook

This Hudson Valley Pendant is designed to commemorate the discovery of electrical lighting. Pretty minimal in its shape and design, Colebrook uses the least of elements. An adjustable cord that is wound by a black, braided cloth is used to suspend the pendant and the cord continues into a long exposed tungsten filament bulb. The bulb is surrounded by shapes of globe or wine bottle made out of thin metal pieces. Colebrook is available in Aged brass, Old bronze and Polished nickel finishes.

5. Glendale

Glendale is a spectacular Hudson Valley Pendant that uses nine light bulbs and a metallic cube shaped structure to surround the starburst of these light bulbs. Glendale is designed to commemorate the Sputnik phenomenon which embarked a new journey in the world of Space travel and inspired many space explorations further. Glendale is similar in shape and form to a Sputnik chandelier and is available in Aged brass and Polished nickel finishes.

6. Marlow

Marlow is the perfect example for a suspended lighting fixture and includes fabric wrapped, black suspensions which hold small, hand cut, latticed glass bulbs. Marlow is available in three different variants depending on the number of light bulbs. Either it can be a single light bulb or a cluster of three/five.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other popular Hudson Valley pendants, a few of them being Heirloom, Hampton, Lagrange, Masonville, Orchard Park, Pomfret, Rousseau, Sweeny, Wadsworth etc. All Pendants by Hudson Valley have their own unique style and design; while few of them have a historical significance, few of them have special features when it comes to lighting and suspension. All in all, Hudson Valley Pendants are those beautiful lighting fixtures that every beautiful interior deserves.

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