Illuminate Your Homes with DVI Lighting


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Whether you have a huge mansion or a small apartment, whether you stay in a main city or countryside, lighting can make all the difference in the feel and functionality of the house. You may not notice the fixtures and realize their importance when illumination in the house is perfect. But in the absence of proper lighting, it is the first thing you notice. The light fixtures in your room affect the atmosphere, tasks, aesthetics, and general visibility in the area.  Therefore, it is crucial that you opt for good quality fixtures from a reputed brand and DVI Lighting is a leading name in the field of contemporary lighting.

Why choose DVI Lighting

DVI was founded by Adam Altenberg in 1968. Adam was a holocaust survivor who saved his family from war-wrecked Europe and came to Montreal. He started his company under the name of Dominion Ventures, a vendor of lighting parts. However, in 1997, with partners, Sam Wineberg and David Elman, Adam rebranded his company as DVI Lighting and slowly became a leading name in the residential lighting industry throughout North America. Currently headed by Creative Director and CEO, Robert Borg, the company has an administrative office in Toronto, two sales offices in Dallas and Toronto and two warehouses in Kentucky and Toronto. DVI is known for launching a new product line every year with affordable prices and sufficient stocks.

Selecting DVI Fixtures for Your House

Lighting your home can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Here are some steps that can help you select the essential fixtures for a new illumination scheme or for updating the existing one:

1.  Choosing the Style

Decide whether you want to go for a rustic décor or contemporary look. Identify the prime area or your favorite architectural element in a room and buy fixtures that complement it. For example, if you have modern recliner chair or sofa, opt for fittings with modern look and clean lines. Or, if your door handles have satin nickel finish, then you should choose fittings in matching color.

2.  Lighting Layers

Perfect illumination scheme comprises of three layers – Ambient, Task and Accent. Ambient Lighting offers general illumination, Task offers functional light and Accent provides creative glow. Each area has a dominant need for a particular lighting layer but for effective illumination, at least two layers are vital to create a harmonious balance.

3.  Selecting Fixtures

Every area in the house has specific illumination needs. While, kitchen and bathroom needs bright task lighting (; living area needs a blend of ambient, accent and task lighting layers. While you can mount a Valletta 6 light chandelier in living room, you can choose Valletta semi flush mount for dining room. Try installing a Solstice 4 light vanity light in the bathroom, Atom orb pendants in the bedroom and Summerside wall sconces in the outdoor area.

4.  Type of Bulbs

The type of lighting you want for each room is based on various factors like desired color temperature, required watts, lumens, etc. Apart from the usual incandescent lights, two other types of light bulbs trending nowadays include compact fluorescents (CFLs) and Light emitting diodes (LEDs). These bulbs are energy efficient and environment friendly. While warm white light is suitable for bedrooms and living areas, cool white lights are better for kitchens, bathrooms and workplaces. However, for reading purposes and lamps it is better to opt for yellow lighting.

5.  Mounting Ideas

First thing to do when deciding where to mount which fitting is to identify your lighting goals. Determine the purpose of installing lights – whether it is to highlight a particular area to carry out some tasks. Make sure you install wall sconces and lanterns in your outdoors to illuminate driveways, porch, landscaping, etc. Use multiple light sources in all important areas to achieve various functions and keep the rooms free from shadows. If you have contemporary décor and high ceiling, it is advised that you mount some recessed light fixtures for their directional glow.

Your home needs multiple layers of lighting and various styles of fixtures to achieve a well-balanced and efficient illumination scheme. So, go ahead and buy contemporary light fittings from DIV Lighting and get a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal!

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