Hudson Valley Wall Sconces: Lend Your Walls a Unique Charm with these 5 ‘Chic Vintage and Industrial’ Lights


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Wall sconces perform the primary function of being ambient light sources, often adding to the illumination received from a chandelier, flush, or semi-flush mounts. These light fixtures find a number of applications in the living room, hallway, bedroom, and even bath areas. Hudson Valley Sconces are range worth looking into that offers an impeccable array of wall light fixtures. Among them, a prominent range is the Chic Vintage and Industrial styled lights for this purpose.

The Style

The Chic Vintage and Industrial style is an eclectic look attained from the fine balance of rugged utilitarian designs, refined materials and premium finishes. The style fits in effortlessly in an urban loft as much as in a rural retreat. This style draws immensely from Machine Age motifs and patterns while lending them a contemporary touch with finesse and design. Prominent among this class of lighting fixtures are metal shades, gear teeth, bulb guards and engineered prismatic glass which were once the legacies of the heavy-duty, task-light fixtures in American factories, barns and warehouses in the early 20th century. With a revamped and restructured appearance, these features embedded into everyday use light fixtures, make for visually stimulating additions to a room’s décor.

Chic Vintage and Industrial styled Wall Sconces

Here is a look at five stunning collections under this category of wall sconce lights.

•  Bethesda – A light fixture with rustic roots and modern poise, Bethesda features a 6-point star back plate that showcases a classic American inspiration. While the metal body evokes a vintage influence, the lampshade complements it with a touch of contemporary finesse in hand worked finish and light eco-paper material. Bethesda is a one-light wall sconce, and is available in Aged Brass, Aged Silver, and Polished Nickel Finishes. The fixture uses 60 W, E12 candelabra light.

•  Brookline – This light fixture belongs to class of ‘Industrial Chic’ wall sconces and makes use of the interplay between rough and polished elements to bring out a product with unique aesthetics. Brookline features a box like lamp shade composed of diamond-patterned wire mesh, which in turn houses an elongated, vintage, tungsten-filament lamp. Brookline is a single-light wall sconce that uses 75 W, E26 medium base – T10 bulb. The light fixture is available in Aged Brass and Polished Nickel finishes.

•  Carson – A nautical inspired product, Carson features a caged wall sconce that roughly reminds one of the seafarer’s onion lamps. The light fixture is constructed from heavy metal castings and rib-patterned, thickly pressed glass, and is available in five unique finishes – Aged Brass, Aged Zinc, Antique Nickel, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel. The beauty of Carson lies in its design and hand-worked finishes that lend an old-world, nautical charm to any room that it is placed in.

•  Galway – This light fixture is inspired by Italy’s modern glass masters and features a distinct oval design. Between a beveled mirror back plate and smoke glass diffuser is sandwiched a lively tungsten filament lamp that lends in an ‘Edison’ touch. Galway uses a single 40W E12 candelabra light source, and is available in Aged Brass and Polished Nickel finishes.

•  Rousseau – This wall sconce features a simplistic design and is yet a wonder in clear glass. Rousseau features a globe of thick, mouth-blown glass with a discrete, bubble-pattern and is suspended from the metallic back plate using smooth, woven cords. Housed inside this globe is a warm, incandescent bulb that can be accessed easily through an opening at the base. The Rousseau family includes several fun colored globes while the metal body is available in Aged Brass and Polished Chrome finishes.

Chic Vintage and Industrial styled Wall Sconces from Hudson Valley are a visual retreat to any wall that they are placed in.

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