Hudson Valley Lighting- Timeless Lighting Design


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New York State’s Hudson Valley has long been famous for its natural beauty. No wonder then that David Littman, looking to start a lighting firm to make beautiful fixtures, decided on the Hudson Valley as a base and inspiration for his similarly named outfit, Hudson Valley Lighting. Littman aimed from the very beginning to produce aesthetic products grounded in contemporary design. This approach kept the firm’s products looking fresh over more than 30 years of being in business. The firm also emphasizes on build quality along with design, so buyers can rest assured that their preferred fixtures will work well many years down the line. The firm also retains its own in-house lighting design team in New York to keep the ideas churning at a fast pace.

Hudson Valley Lighting creates product “families”- entire collections of rustic lighting fixtures, designed around a common style. So buyers can select from the fixtures in one family in keeping with their preferred design theme. This approach not only cuts down selection headaches, but also results in a more pleasing interior decor, since clashing of lighting fixtures with wall colors and furniture would be minimal.

With Chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps, Hudson Valley Lighting has one of the most extensive product ranges among own-brand lighting outfits in America. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular models in each category.


Hudson Valley’s chandeliers run the whole spectrum from compact six light fixtures to multi-tiered twelve light grand chandeliers. These chandeliers use a variety of materials like fabric, glass, crystal and metal to achieve a timeless look. The Sheffield chandelier uses wrought iron to recall the rustic lamp stands of the years when electricity was yet to become popular. The Danville range uses crystal drops for a shimmering effect. Yorktown and Cheshire chandeliers recall the palatial townhouses of New York in their design.


Hudson Valley pendant Lights are best suited for use in sets in medium sized rooms, dining areas and kitchen areas. The effect created by well chosen pendant lights is no less than that of medium sized chandeliers. Hudson Valley Lighting has hundreds of designs from various product families for upscale homeowners. Some popular designs are Darien, Esopus, Larchmont, Massena and Millbrook. These fixtures mostly use LEDs, but many designs are available for buyers who prefer old school filament bulbs.

Ceiling-mounted Fixtures

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are designed to take up lesser space compared to suspended lights. Consequently, they are less showy but they tend to get the job done. Hudson Valley Lighting has taken ample care to make ceiling lights that are as beautiful as the suspended lights. Brookline, Willett and Coolidge lights recall the industrial age of the early 20th century in their design with their fine metal work. Waterloo and Alpine lights are more contemporary in design with sharp edges and minimalistic flair. Hanover, Garder and Quinton are predominantly glass bodies fixtures that echo the classic chandeliers while being immensely practical and easy to install. The fixtures can also be customized with finishes like Old Bronze, Polished Nickel and Old Nickel.

Floor and Table Lamps

Floor and table lamps are enjoying a remarkable resurgence among home interiors in America over the last decade. While once, these fixtures were derided as wasteful indulgences even among upscale home buyers, today floor and table lamps are acknowledged for their decor enhancing ability. Designers also prefer these lamps to create niches of extra light for functional and aesthetic purposes. With the use of LEDs, the form and shape of floor and table lamps has undergone a sea change with many striking designs being released. Some of Hudson Valley Lighting’s popular floor lamp fixtures are Burton, Marshall, Alba and Lindale. While these lamps have a fixed head, the Girard floor lamp has two pivot points for adjustability. The in table lamps are Burke, Deyo, Holden, Tayler and Thayer. These handmade lamps use fabric for the lampshade with combinations of glass, metal and ceramic for the lamp body.

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