Hudson Valley Lighting for a Plush Interior


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Hudson Valley Lighting is already known as an outstanding lighting brand that over the years offered us a whole array of designed lighting fixtures with constant qualitative emphasis. The beautiful lighting fixtures from this world famous brand have been subject of widespread popularity and interest everywhere and there have been millions of ardent lovers of these designer lights from Hudson. From lighting range for single apartments to extensive lights for large family homes to exquisite lights for luxury hotels, Hudson Valley has every choice. Hudson Valley Lighting offers a really breakthrough range of styles including traditional, transitional, and modern and contemporary designs.

Hudson Valley Lighting is known as a brand for effective light fixture that can enhance the comfort and elegance of an interior. Offering a signature piece of design with lights has been the consistent focus of this brand for more than three decades.

What makes Hudson Valley Lighting so special?

Hudson Valley Lighting believes that light alone is the most enthralling element of our life. All the lighting fixtures with their superb elegance and purposeful beauty have been created with this belief. There is hardly any surprise that their lights continue to enthrall people all over the globe and will continue to do so.

What makes the brand special, to understand that we need to look at the overwhelming range of designer lights produced by the company. The design studio of the brand in famous Hudson River Valley of New York is still the main source of their inspiration for superb lighting fixtures and corresponding craftsmanship and sophistication in lights.

The brand in recent years really enjoyed unprecedented and robust growth thanks to its beautifully crafted lighting range for all interior purposes. Hudson Valle Lighting as a brand enjoyed the favor of most sophisticated customers around the globe thanks to their qualitative focus and almost highest craftsmanship and style elements in their lighting range. From heavy casting to hand-rubbed finishes, they incorporate all kinds of craftsmanship and techniques for the designer lights. Let us have a quick look at their light range.


The range of pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting offers a really extensive product line consisting of conservative, traditional, transitional and modern or contemporary pendant lights. Use of finest materials in the light fixtures and incorporating high standard craftsmanship make their lights offer such a glamorous look and feel for any interior.


Hudson Valley Lighting range of chandeliers offers an impressive line of products including modern and contemporary style of chandeliers to traditional ones to offering both tradition and modernity in transitionally designed chandeliers. As in all other lights, high quality material and meticulous design give their chandeliers a thoroughly gorgeous feel.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling fixtures from Hudson Valley Lighting with their broad product line and exquisitely handcrafted design have a special pride of place in the company’s product portfolio. From conservative design to exotic and modern to incorporating traditional style into trendy design, the range offers an array of design twists to create a sumptuous range of lighting fixtures for ceilings of stylish homes.

Hudson Valley Wall and Bath Sconces

Wall and bath sconces belonging to this brand hug the walls of many designer homes throughout the globe. This elegant selection from Hudson Valley Lighting offer not only unique design and style attributes but they are also functionally superb for any plush interior and bathroom ambience. Their eye grabbing design and chic look and feel is ideal for giving shine to any interior and make it look surreal.

Hudson Valley Table Lamps

The company also offers a really gorgeous range of Table Lamps that besides satisfying the practical decorative and lighting purpose are exquisite items on their own merit of artistic craftsmanship. High qualitative focus in using quality materials and superb craftsmanship make these table lamps so different from any other brands offering this light. When it comes to Hudson Valley Lighting, you no longer just think of lights but more about design and interior. That cannot be any truer than their table lamps.

Hudson Valley Floor Lamps

Hudson Valley Floor Lamps offers a really massive range of floor lamps ( that can instantly create a style statement and set the elegant charm of your home ablaze with lights. Floor lamps always offer a plush interior feel with their light design and delicate lighting capability for a diverse type of interior. The floor lighting offered by Hudson Valley fit any plush living space perfectly complementing the design elements and style aspects.

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