Eight Things That Make Troy Lighting the Best


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What makes a lighting manufacturer a household name? Is it design or is it durability of products or is it much more than that? Though there is no clear cut recipe for a brand to become a household name, Troy Lighting is one of those brands which have mastered the art of being their customer’s favorite. Having a grand history of more than 40 years, the manufacturer is headquartered in Los Angeles and fully equipped to fulfill both commercial and residential requests. Here is a list of the 8 best things about Troy Lighting that makes it one of the most trusted lighting brands in the country.

1. Impeccable Design

The manufacturer is highly known and appreciated for ingenuity and forward-thinking aesthetics in its product design. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and crafted to perfection by dedicated artists, the lighting fixtures manufactured and distributed by the company are designed to suit the customer needs. Over the years, Troy has evolved with the ever-changing design movements in interior design and tried to stay relevant and contemporary at all times. At last, its products are known and recognized for their American ingenuity and the design language that strikes a chord with the American customer.

2. Variety

No matter which industry, customer is the king and brands have to evolve with the changing demands of the customer. Customers ask for variety in lighting and manufacturers must be well equipped with skill, labor and ingenuity to fulfill those demands. Troy Lighting has always tried to satisfy its customers with a wide variety of choices and variety. Currently, the manufacturer specializes in Vintage, Rustic and Contemporary lighting fixtures. Outdoor or indoor, residential or commercial, the manufacturer serves all kinds of customer needs.

3. Quality and Durability

Lighting fixtures are one of those products that have to serve for a long time and bear the rough usage, usual wear & tear and extreme weather conditions. All the lighting products manufactured by Troy Lighting are made from hand forged, high quality metals that will serve for a long time. The glasses and shades used in these fixtures are chosen such that they complement the metal body and accentuate its look and feel.  Be it rustic lighting or contemporary lighting, the right kind of raw materials are chosen that are durable and strong.

4. Lower Prices

Quality and lower prices are the two things that a brand needs to incorporate to have a loyal customer base and become a household name. However, it’s not easy as said since it is very difficult to deliver high quality products at reasonable prices. Troy Lighting has managed to surpass the expectations of its customers by delivering the highest quality lighting fixtures at reasonable prices for more than 40 years.

5. High Inspection Standards

Before any lighting fixture manufactured by Troy Lighting is released to the market, it undergoes a stringent testing procedure for durability and quality. While many lighting manufacturers are focusing on lowering their manufacturing costs by outsourcing it to countries with cheap labor, Troy ensures that all of its lighting fixtures are manufactured in the US and have high quality standards.

6. Superior Finish

There are very few lighting manufacturers who see lighting fixtures as integral elements of interior design and not just light emitting objects. Troy Lighting is one of those manufacturers who stress on superior finish of their products and employ hand applied finish to ensure the fixtures look beautiful and well-polished.

7. Energy Efficiency

Global warming and acute shortage of natural resources are one of the increasingly growing concerns in the world. Energy efficiency is the need of the hour and lighting fixtures indeed consume a lot of electricity. All the lighting fixtures from Troy Lighting have an Energy Star rating ensuring that they are energy efficient and use alternative sources like LED and Fluorescent bulbs instead of the outdated incandescent bulbs.

8. Network of Retailers

While distributing its products all over the country, Troy ensures that customer satisfaction stays at the top of its priority list. In order to ensure this, the manufacturer carefully chooses its retailers so that the customers won’t have any problems in finding the fixtures they need or have any quality/warranty issues.

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