Cree OSQ Lighting: Ideal for Large Area Illumination


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LEDs are causing a stir in every industry possible and the lighting industry is no exception to this. In fact, the lighting industry is one of those industries that was revolutionized to a whole new scale with the advent of LED technology. Cree was one of the pioneers to take part in this LED movement in the lighting industry and introduce a wide array of new innovations and lighting fixtures for a wide range of applications. Here’s everything you need to know about the manufacturer and also learn why Cree OSQ series of LED lights are indeed the best OSQ series on the market for illumination of large areas.

History of Cree LED Lighting

Cree was founded in 1987 and all of its flagship products since then have been developed over innovative material platforms, primarily the silicon carbide (SiC). Today Cree Led lighting leads the LED lighting industry with a wide range of innovative lighting products that are known for superior quality, long life and excellent illumination. It all started in 1989 when Cree introduced the Blue LEDs to the market and since then there has been no turning back. While Cree expanded their product lines into LED lighting fixtures in 2008 with products like ceiling fixtures, in 2011 Cree ventured into outdoor lighting as well with flagship products like the Cree OSQ series.

Legacy of Cree LED Lighting

Cree LED lights have a legacy to be of superior performance, incredibly long lasting and highly energy efficient. Here is a list of reasons to explain why:

• LED light fixtures from Cree offer the quality of light that is unmatched with any of its competitors. They are designed in such a way as to blend with all kinds of architecture and properties like diffuser lens and reflector systems for optimal distribution of light makes them worth owning.

• LED lights from Cree produce an ambient atmosphere around them with warm and glare free light. In addition, they are designed with color modulation that casts light that makes everything look vibrant and lifelike.

• LED light fixtures from Cree can offer up to 1,00,000 hours of illumination i.e. these lights can be run for 6 hours a day for 23 long years. In addition, Cree’s 10 year warranty on its products will cover any replacement of the bulbs in case they run out of life.

• Cree’s LED light fixtures are highly energy efficient in nature, thus perfectly suited for commercial and industrial purposes where energy costs are a major concern. LED lights are highly focused and bright, thus requiring only fewer fixtures and LEDs are also environmentally friendly as they convert most of the consumed energy into light and dissipate the least amount of carbon footprints and heat.

Cree OSQ Series for Outdoor Lighting and Large Area Illumination

In order to illuminate large outdoor areas, the OSQ Area/Flood luminaire series from Cree is the most ideal choice. Here are a few reasons to justify:

• Cree OSQ series has the properties of extreme optical control advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics. Following a minimalistic approach in their design with clean and contemporary designs, the OSQ series is also highly functional in nature.

• Apart from looks and performance, the OSQ series is also durable in nature as its housing is made from rugged cast aluminum and its inner LED compartment from weather tight materials. Also, its slim-low profile design helps it to seamlessly blend with the site and provide distributed illumination.

• Owing to its feather light feature and versatile mounting configurations, Cree OSQ series is easy to install and maintain, thus reducing the overall maintenance costs.

• The OSQ series is available in a wide range of power designations, suitable for all HID (High Intensity Discharge) applications. ‘S’ input power designator for HID applications up to 750 watts, ‘A’ input power designator for HID applications up to 250 watts and ‘J’ input power designator for HID applications up to 400 watts are a few of the featured ranges.

• Lastly, Cree OSQ series is durable and strong like any other LED lighting fixture ( from Cree. Guaranteed with an incredibly long life and 10 year warranty, the OSQ series is also strongly built to withstand all extreme other conditions including heavy rain, high temperature and snowfall.

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