Some of the Best Troy Lighting Sconces


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Troy Lighting is a leader in the lighting industry, setting trends and benchmarks in the industry through its quality products. The manufacturer has always prioritized quality, design, value and service as the main deliverables to its customers and has succeeded in delivering the same. The manufacturer designs both interior and exterior light fixtures that are extensively used for home décor, given the fact that they are so beautifully designed. When it comes to quality, Troy Lighting uses the highest quality hand forged iron, hand applied metallic finishes, and glasses and shades of the highest quality and grandeur to make the lighting fixtures look spectacular. Despite delivering high quality and superior designs, all the light fixtures manufactured by Troy Lighting are priced very competitively and come with warranty and promised service.

Wall and bath sconces are a specialty of the manufacturer and there is an exhaustive collection of these light fixtures made available by the manufacturer. These sconces are designed to suit people of all tastes and lifestyle. From rustic to traditional to contemporary, Troy Lighting sconces are available in all variants to suit interiors of all kinds. We are going to list few of the best wall and bath sconces by Troy Lighting and know what makes them the best.

Best Troy Lighting Sconces

1. Atlas

These cylindrical shaped wall sconces by Troy Lighting are very different and unconventional from the usual ones. The light bulbs are covered by cylindrical cases that are meticulously designed and given a rustic appearance. This traditional looking Troy Lighting sconce is made of hand worked iron cast aluminum and comes with aged pewter metallic finish.

2. Blink

Blink is an exceptionally beautiful wall sconce that can be easily used to decorate interiors and add a certain ambience to your living space. Made from hand worked wrought iron, the light fixture features an intricate yet spellbound metallic structure, made of numerous metallic pieces which are held together by the bulb in the center. The sconce is available in a light cottage brown finish and a white glass shade that covers the bulb, perfectly complements this metallic finish.

3. Dine N Dash

This Troy Lighting sconce is certainly a unique one since it has a bulb entirely covered by a metallic shield made of hand worked wrought iron. The metallic cover is cylindrical in shape and has inscriptions on it which essentially help the light pass out of the cover. The glass shades used have a hardback linen cream finish and the metallic body has a finish of salvaged rust with Parisian finish interior. The inscriptions will vary with each model and add their own distinct meaning to the light fixture.

4. Madame Bardot

Generally wall and bath sconces are just seen as functional light fixtures which give out light; not much importance given to its design or shape. However, this is not the case with Troy Lighting sconces and Madame Bardot is a testament to this statement. An incredibly beautiful and assorted wall sconce, Madame Bardot is a definition of style and grandeur. The light bulb is covered by a beautiful metallic casing that is decorated by glass shades of freshwater pearl. The metallic casing is given a metallic finish that embodies Parisian bronze with gold leaf and wood accents, thus making Madame Bardot a beautiful looking wall sconce that oozes out luxury from every corner.

5. Tattoo

This Troy Lighting sconce is very minimalistic in its design and shape, yet very attractive to look at and certainly a great piece of interior décor. A suspended metallic frame that is partially covered by a glass shade shielding the light bulb completes Tattoo. The suspended frame is made of hand forged iron and given a cottage bronze metallic finish. The glass shade is a simple semi arc that has a hardback linen accent to it. Like Tattoo there are two other Troy Lighting sconces namely Modernist and Whitman which are very like Tattoo but have different metallic frames suspended in the background with different shapes and metallic finish.

Apart from the above mentioned there are plenty other wall and bath sconces from Troy Lighting that are beautiful, made from hand forged metal, have excellent metallic finish and use energy saving light bulbs.

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