Beautify Your Home with Solid Brass Lighting Fixtures by Norwell Lighting


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Having a grand history of more than 75 years, Norwell lighting is known for its excellence in producing high quality brass lighting fixtures. An industry leader in the lighting industry for many decades, Norwell Lighting has mastered the art of evolving with time and adapting itself to the changing trends. Both interior design and lighting undergo changes every decade or so and see a new movement in the making. Over the years, there are many interior décor styles that have been popular, been the face of many houses and have turned obsolete as well. Many styles that we call retro today were once the most hip and happening interior décor ideas. It is often rare to find lighting manufacturers who evolve with time and stay relevant for more than half a century. However, people here at Norwell lighting have successfully managed to come over this cultural transition for decades together and will continue to do so. Ingenuity in their designs and unduly quality in their lighting fixtures are few of the many reasons attributed to this success.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures made out of metal are of high regard and demand since the advent of lighting fixtures. Fixtures that have a metallic finish are noted for their authenticity and rustic appearance. Arroyo Craftsman and Norwell produces light fixtures made out of solid brass are beautiful and durable at the same time. Norwell Lighting uses traditional European castings to manufacture its flagship lighting product, brass lighting fixtures. This manufacturing process ensures that the fixtures are of the highest quality and durability to withstand all kinds of natural elements. Each fixture is hand-crafted to perfection by skilled craftsman and each fixture is unique and special in its design. From historic reproductions to contemporary style, the manufacturer specializes in all kinds and styles of brass lighting fixtures.

Ilex Architectural Lighting and Davis Muller Lighting

Brass lighting fixtures from Norwell Lighting have graced both residential and commercial spaces for decades together. Having a team of skilled designers who can match any requirement and any custom specification, the manufacturer has managed to manufacture an exhaustive range of brass lighting fixtures. All of these brass lighting fixtures are 100% American made and manufactured in East Taunton, Massachusetts facility. Ilex Architectural Lighting and David Muller Lighting are individual subsidiaries of the manufacturer specializing in the line of hospitality and commercial lighting needs respectively. Owing to their excellence in quality and durability, Norwell Lighting products have been used in popular landmarks such as The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank.

Wide Range of Brass Lighting Fixtures

As mentioned above, the lighting manufacturer offers solid brass lighting fixtures for residential and commercial purposes in all popular styles and fashion. From replicating popular historical lights to manufacturing clean and contemporary lights, the company’s designers and artisans excel at everything. Here are a few popular brass lighting fixtures that you can buy from the manufacturer to illuminate your beautiful home.

1. Brass Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a symbol of pride and luxury. They make an excellent choice for centerpieces to grab attention and pull a room together. Living room or dining room, chandeliers are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. Subtle hanging pendants made from brass are also available as focus lights to hang in kitchens and dining rooms. The pendants are infused with a stepped diffuser to maximize the brightness and keep the living well-lit and illuminated.

2. Sconces

Sconces available in various mounts including wall mounts and post mounts are widely used to illuminate living rooms, show pieces, bathrooms and outdoor lighting as well. Wall sconces made from solid brass are available in all kinds of styles, ranging from historical reproductions to contemporary and modern. The sconces are also energy efficient and employ LED or florescent lights which are 80% more efficient than the traditional incandescent ones. Halogen bulbs, which are known for their bright, white light are also an ideal choice for greater luminance and energy efficiency since they are 50% more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

3. Lanterns and Lamps

Apart from pendants, chandeliers and sconces, Norwell Lighting also manufactures lamps and lanterns made from solid brass. These beautiful lamps are available in both floor and table lamp variants.

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