Add Glam to Any Interior with Sonneman Lighting


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If you are seeking a lighting range with eye grabbing contemporary design with exceptional functionalities, sophistication, and style, Sonneman Lighting is the ideal choice. The brand already has legendary reputation of lighting excellence and expertise to expand your horizon when it comes to lighting.

A well lit space can dramatically enhance the mood of the space. In this respect, designer lights from brands like Sonneman Lighting can quickly render an ambience altering effect. This contemporary brand of stylish lighting helped in the evolution of interior light through architecture inspired design. Robert Sonneman, the pioneer of this exquisite range of lighting is long hailed as one of the visionaries of what lighting can serve in interior ambiences. His passion for incorporating design and architectural elements in modern lighting is expressed through a multi-faceted practice of innovative design and development.

Artistic inspiration

While most brands in contemporary lighting design confine themselves within flashy and eye catchy designs rather than something durable, timeless and artistic, Sonneman lighting always had a different approach. Since 1960’s Robert Sonneman after pioneering this modern lighting brand shaped it into an form of art rather than developing so called lucrative design without any real artistic value. Sonneman light range is particularly admired for clean lines and delicate form. Over the decades, Sonneman’s innovative range of lights has been at the forefront of modern lighting.

Inspiration behind Sonneman

Sonneman’s designer lights show a passionate expression of the influences by the 20th century visionary architectural master Mies Van der Rohe besides other influences from modernist interior design trends and Japanese way of lighting the interior. This designer light range offers a wide variety from sleek and simple table lamps to sculpture inspired pendant lights to decorative wall lights. Sonneman lighting in all variable design elements can be considered artistic creations in the world of lights. Some of the most common aspects that dominate most light creations from this brand include simplicity, functionalism and minimalism.

Basically the aesthetic behind the brand is rooted in the conviction of Robert Sonneman that besides so called decorative aspect every design element must enhance the functional aspects and in no way should deter it. That is why the Sonneman light designs are through and through purposive and practical to take care of specific lighting needs across variety of ambience besides offering decorative value. Over the years the vision of Sonneman in shaping a light range that just compliments the contemporary architectural designs and interior ambiences besides proving useful and utilitarian in every sense has contributed to the worldwide popularity and appreciation of this lighting range.

Sonneman style in lighting

Contemporary and modern lighting from Sonneman have garnered worldwide popularity and inspired generation of interior designers and light brands to offer to create exclusive décor and interior ambience with lights. This happened primarily due to exceptional style statements made by this brand. It is a matter of continuously evolving concepts and creative brilliance rather than sticking to a set of ideas and design conventions. Out of the box thinking in designing lights is a major attribute of this brand and almost every Sonneman product bears this. Sonneman lights are made efficient, sophisticated and they are designed in such a way that they can easily fit into an array of settings including both residential and commercial ones. Often these lights just enhance the existing style and décor in a subtle and complimenting manner.

A robust product range

Sonneman lighting, as a comprehensive light brand offers a whole range of lighting fixtures ranging ceiling lights ( like ceiling pendants and chandeliers to chic wall sconces to trendy floor lights and lamps to beautiful bathroom lights. Offering close to 250 light collections with diverse designs and purposive approach it has practically offer any lighting you need for either commercial premise or residence. Almost all Sonneman light collections are offered with a thematic focus and some of the notable and well appreciated collections include Paramount, Connetix, Chimes, Aero and Zylinder.

Some of the most well-known Sonneman light models include the Atelier Pendant series and Quattro collection of wall and table lamps. Besides these, there is a whole range of artistic handcrafted lights to fit every décor and interior ambience. With such a robust range of lights for every kind of room décor and interior design and space, it is actually impossible not to find a light range that suits your lighting requirement and design ambitions. Overwhelmingly broad choice, contemporary style and practical ease and lighting performance, these are the quintessential aspects that continued to make Sonneman lighting popular.

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