Add Glam to Any Interior with Sonneman Lighting


If you are seeking a lighting range with eye grabbing contemporary design with exceptional functionalities, sophistication, and style, Sonneman Lighting is the ideal choice. The brand already has legendary reputation of lighting excellence and expertise to expand your horizon when it comes to lighting.

A well lit space can dramatically enhance the mood of the space. In this respect, designer lights from brands like Sonneman Lighting can quickly render an ambience altering effect. This contemporary brand of stylish lighting helped in the evolution of interior light through architecture inspired design. Robert Sonneman, the pioneer of this exquisite range of lighting is long hailed as one of the visionaries of what lighting can serve in interior ambiences. His passion for incorporating design and architectural elements in modern lighting is expressed through a multi-faceted practice of innovative design and development.

Artistic inspiration

While most brands in contemporary lighting design confine themselves within flashy and eye catchy designs rather than something durable, timeless and artistic, Sonneman lighting always had a different approach. Since 1960’s Robert Sonneman after pioneering this modern lighting brand shaped it into an form of art rather than developing so called lucrative design without any real artistic value. Sonneman light range is particularly admired for clean lines and delicate form. Over the decades, Sonneman’s innovative range of lights has been at the forefront of modern lighting.

Inspiration behind Sonneman

Sonneman’s designer lights show a passionate expression of the influences by the 20th century visionary architectural master Mies Van der Rohe besides other influences from modernist interior design trends and Japanese way of lighting the interior. This designer light range offers a wide variety from sleek and simple table lamps to sculpture inspired pendant lights to decorative wall lights. Sonneman lighting in all variable design elements can be considered artistic creations in the world of lights. Some of the most common aspects that dominate most light creations from this brand include simplicity, functionalism and minimalism.

Basically the aesthetic behind the brand is rooted in the conviction of Robert Sonneman that besides so called decorative aspect every design element must enhance the functional aspects and in no way should deter it. That is why the Sonneman light designs are through and through purposive and practical to take care of specific lighting needs across variety of ambience besides offering decorative value. Over the years the vision of Sonneman in shaping a light range that just compliments the contemporary architectural designs and interior ambiences besides proving useful and utilitarian in every sense has contributed to the worldwide popularity and appreciation of this lighting range.

Sonneman style in lighting

Contemporary and modern lighting from Sonneman have garnered worldwide popularity and inspired generation of interior designers and light brands to offer to create exclusive décor and interior ambience with lights. This happened primarily due to exceptional style statements made by this brand. It is a matter of continuously evolving concepts and creative brilliance rather than sticking to a set of ideas and design conventions. Out of the box thinking in designing lights is a major attribute of this brand and almost every Sonneman product bears this. Sonneman lights are made efficient, sophisticated and they are designed in such a way that they can easily fit into an array of settings including both residential and commercial ones. Often these lights just enhance the existing style and décor in a subtle and complimenting manner.

A robust product range

Sonneman lighting, as a comprehensive light brand offers a whole range of lighting fixtures ranging ceiling lights ( like ceiling pendants and chandeliers to chic wall sconces to trendy floor lights and lamps to beautiful bathroom lights. Offering close to 250 light collections with diverse designs and purposive approach it has practically offer any lighting you need for either commercial premise or residence. Almost all Sonneman light collections are offered with a thematic focus and some of the notable and well appreciated collections include Paramount, Connetix, Chimes, Aero and Zylinder.

Some of the most well-known Sonneman light models include the Atelier Pendant series and Quattro collection of wall and table lamps. Besides these, there is a whole range of artistic handcrafted lights to fit every décor and interior ambience. With such a robust range of lights for every kind of room décor and interior design and space, it is actually impossible not to find a light range that suits your lighting requirement and design ambitions. Overwhelmingly broad choice, contemporary style and practical ease and lighting performance, these are the quintessential aspects that continued to make Sonneman lighting popular.

DVI Lighting Fixtures Have Gained Mass Acceptance


DVI Lighting Fixtures Will Make Interior and Exterior Spaces Shine

DVI Lighting is a Canadian light fixture manufacturing company, which applies strict quality checks at all phases of the production process and thus brings out quality products. The company makes use of the latest technological know-how and various sophisticated machineries for the creation of the extremely alluring and durable light fixtures. The company itself carries out both the designing part and the production process harmoniously; the applied meticulous planning ensures that the products concerned become durable, attractive, as well as functional.

The Euro-Canadian style of these light fixtures will certainly appease the aesthetic sense of all modern-day customers. The R&D department of the company makes sure that the created designs display contemporary look, but without deviating very much from the traditional form and the expected functionality. Moreover, there is another significant factor that will prompt customers to buy DVI Lighting fixtures; you can find all types of light fixtures such as ‘chandeliers’, ‘pendants’, ‘wall & bath sconces’, ‘ceiling fixtures’, ‘table lamps’, ‘floor lamps’, and diverse models of outdoor fixtures. The entire product line of the company bears high-end style; however, you can buy them for a song.

You can use DVI Lighting fixtures wherever you want to fix modern lights, because, various viable options are available. A significant matter to note here is the affordable price tag; all average buyers can buy this brand without spending much. In essence, even the common income groups can go for these high-end models. The cool designs make this brand all the more popular. The pleasing style will certainly appease the penchants of the American, North American, Canadian, and European customers. In fact, these light fixtures have global recognition.

Online Shopping is Effective

In our time, the process of shopping has already dissociated from the control of the traditional stationary stores. In the present-day world, online presence is inevitable for all businesses, and the arena of shopping also is not an exception. Online stores and online traders have become a tangible truth. A large section of the population carries out online shopping for meeting their various requirements and that too on an everyday basis. Of course, you can buy DVI Lighting fixtures also through online methods. There are many of such dealer websites; just visit some of them and gather the relevant details, compare, and select a store. Then place the order, go to the checkout section and pay the bill. The entire process will be less time-consuming.

Locate a Reliable Online Store First

Online shopping has already become a reality and as a result, several online stores have cropped up here. As you can find a plethora of online stores that sell modern lights (, there will not be any problem to locate a professionally managed one. Nevertheless, you will have to take utmost care while selecting a specific store; you must take into consideration the experience and reliability of the trader concerned. Make it a point to select only experienced traders who have proved their credibility. When you find that a company enjoys the loyalty of its customers even after 3 or 4 decades of business, then you can surely judge that the company is reliable.

Advantages of Buying Lighting Fixtures Online

Payment Process is Easy: One of the most attractive attributes of online shopping is the easiest payment process. After choosing the products, you will at once reach the relevant payment page; here you will have to give the required details. Most of the online stores accept the leading payment cards such as ‘PayPal’, ‘Visa’, ‘Discover’, ‘MasterCard’, etc.

Free shipping: All customers will appreciate this facility, and consequently, there will be a strong temptation to buy. Purchasing fragile objects and getting the pack back home is a tough ask. This is true even when you buy the same from a traditional store. When an online trader offers free and safe transportation, then really that is a boon for the buyers. You will get the purchased products safely and speedily.

Low price guarantee: All buyers, including individuals, and dealers will get a low price guarantee. You will not get this type of a bargain while having the traditional shopping method.

Easy returns: This is another tempting trait, which will attract all customers. This option gives customers the leeway to return goods on arrival. However, there will be some specific conditions for making use of this option.

Volume / Trade discount: Buyers will get an additional discount, based on their purchasing volume. This is an added advantage.

Cree OSQ Lighting: Ideal for Large Area Illumination


LEDs are causing a stir in every industry possible and the lighting industry is no exception to this. In fact, the lighting industry is one of those industries that was revolutionized to a whole new scale with the advent of LED technology. Cree was one of the pioneers to take part in this LED movement in the lighting industry and introduce a wide array of new innovations and lighting fixtures for a wide range of applications. Here’s everything you need to know about the manufacturer and also learn why Cree OSQ series of LED lights are indeed the best OSQ series on the market for illumination of large areas.

History of Cree LED Lighting

Cree was founded in 1987 and all of its flagship products since then have been developed over innovative material platforms, primarily the silicon carbide (SiC). Today Cree Led lighting leads the LED lighting industry with a wide range of innovative lighting products that are known for superior quality, long life and excellent illumination. It all started in 1989 when Cree introduced the Blue LEDs to the market and since then there has been no turning back. While Cree expanded their product lines into LED lighting fixtures in 2008 with products like ceiling fixtures, in 2011 Cree ventured into outdoor lighting as well with flagship products like the Cree OSQ series.

Legacy of Cree LED Lighting

Cree LED lights have a legacy to be of superior performance, incredibly long lasting and highly energy efficient. Here is a list of reasons to explain why:

• LED light fixtures from Cree offer the quality of light that is unmatched with any of its competitors. They are designed in such a way as to blend with all kinds of architecture and properties like diffuser lens and reflector systems for optimal distribution of light makes them worth owning.

• LED lights from Cree produce an ambient atmosphere around them with warm and glare free light. In addition, they are designed with color modulation that casts light that makes everything look vibrant and lifelike.

• LED light fixtures from Cree can offer up to 1,00,000 hours of illumination i.e. these lights can be run for 6 hours a day for 23 long years. In addition, Cree’s 10 year warranty on its products will cover any replacement of the bulbs in case they run out of life.

• Cree’s LED light fixtures are highly energy efficient in nature, thus perfectly suited for commercial and industrial purposes where energy costs are a major concern. LED lights are highly focused and bright, thus requiring only fewer fixtures and LEDs are also environmentally friendly as they convert most of the consumed energy into light and dissipate the least amount of carbon footprints and heat.

Cree OSQ Series for Outdoor Lighting and Large Area Illumination

In order to illuminate large outdoor areas, the OSQ Area/Flood luminaire series from Cree is the most ideal choice. Here are a few reasons to justify:

• Cree OSQ series has the properties of extreme optical control advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics. Following a minimalistic approach in their design with clean and contemporary designs, the OSQ series is also highly functional in nature.

• Apart from looks and performance, the OSQ series is also durable in nature as its housing is made from rugged cast aluminum and its inner LED compartment from weather tight materials. Also, its slim-low profile design helps it to seamlessly blend with the site and provide distributed illumination.

• Owing to its feather light feature and versatile mounting configurations, Cree OSQ series is easy to install and maintain, thus reducing the overall maintenance costs.

• The OSQ series is available in a wide range of power designations, suitable for all HID (High Intensity Discharge) applications. ‘S’ input power designator for HID applications up to 750 watts, ‘A’ input power designator for HID applications up to 250 watts and ‘J’ input power designator for HID applications up to 400 watts are a few of the featured ranges.

• Lastly, Cree OSQ series is durable and strong like any other LED lighting fixture ( from Cree. Guaranteed with an incredibly long life and 10 year warranty, the OSQ series is also strongly built to withstand all extreme other conditions including heavy rain, high temperature and snowfall.

Beautify Your Home with Solid Brass Lighting Fixtures by Norwell Lighting


Having a grand history of more than 75 years, Norwell lighting is known for its excellence in producing high quality brass lighting fixtures. An industry leader in the lighting industry for many decades, Norwell Lighting has mastered the art of evolving with time and adapting itself to the changing trends. Both interior design and lighting undergo changes every decade or so and see a new movement in the making. Over the years, there are many interior décor styles that have been popular, been the face of many houses and have turned obsolete as well. Many styles that we call retro today were once the most hip and happening interior décor ideas. It is often rare to find lighting manufacturers who evolve with time and stay relevant for more than half a century. However, people here at Norwell lighting have successfully managed to come over this cultural transition for decades together and will continue to do so. Ingenuity in their designs and unduly quality in their lighting fixtures are few of the many reasons attributed to this success.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures made out of metal are of high regard and demand since the advent of lighting fixtures. Fixtures that have a metallic finish are noted for their authenticity and rustic appearance. Arroyo Craftsman and Norwell produces light fixtures made out of solid brass are beautiful and durable at the same time. Norwell Lighting uses traditional European castings to manufacture its flagship lighting product, brass lighting fixtures. This manufacturing process ensures that the fixtures are of the highest quality and durability to withstand all kinds of natural elements. Each fixture is hand-crafted to perfection by skilled craftsman and each fixture is unique and special in its design. From historic reproductions to contemporary style, the manufacturer specializes in all kinds and styles of brass lighting fixtures.

Ilex Architectural Lighting and Davis Muller Lighting

Brass lighting fixtures from Norwell Lighting have graced both residential and commercial spaces for decades together. Having a team of skilled designers who can match any requirement and any custom specification, the manufacturer has managed to manufacture an exhaustive range of brass lighting fixtures. All of these brass lighting fixtures are 100% American made and manufactured in East Taunton, Massachusetts facility. Ilex Architectural Lighting and David Muller Lighting are individual subsidiaries of the manufacturer specializing in the line of hospitality and commercial lighting needs respectively. Owing to their excellence in quality and durability, Norwell Lighting products have been used in popular landmarks such as The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank.

Wide Range of Brass Lighting Fixtures

As mentioned above, the lighting manufacturer offers solid brass lighting fixtures for residential and commercial purposes in all popular styles and fashion. From replicating popular historical lights to manufacturing clean and contemporary lights, the company’s designers and artisans excel at everything. Here are a few popular brass lighting fixtures that you can buy from the manufacturer to illuminate your beautiful home.

1. Brass Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a symbol of pride and luxury. They make an excellent choice for centerpieces to grab attention and pull a room together. Living room or dining room, chandeliers are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. Subtle hanging pendants made from brass are also available as focus lights to hang in kitchens and dining rooms. The pendants are infused with a stepped diffuser to maximize the brightness and keep the living well-lit and illuminated.

2. Sconces

Sconces available in various mounts including wall mounts and post mounts are widely used to illuminate living rooms, show pieces, bathrooms and outdoor lighting as well. Wall sconces made from solid brass are available in all kinds of styles, ranging from historical reproductions to contemporary and modern. The sconces are also energy efficient and employ LED or florescent lights which are 80% more efficient than the traditional incandescent ones. Halogen bulbs, which are known for their bright, white light are also an ideal choice for greater luminance and energy efficiency since they are 50% more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

3. Lanterns and Lamps

Apart from pendants, chandeliers and sconces, Norwell Lighting also manufactures lamps and lanterns made from solid brass. These beautiful lamps are available in both floor and table lamp variants.

Illuminate Your Homes with DVI Lighting


Whether you have a huge mansion or a small apartment, whether you stay in a main city or countryside, lighting can make all the difference in the feel and functionality of the house. You may not notice the fixtures and realize their importance when illumination in the house is perfect. But in the absence of proper lighting, it is the first thing you notice. The light fixtures in your room affect the atmosphere, tasks, aesthetics, and general visibility in the area.  Therefore, it is crucial that you opt for good quality fixtures from a reputed brand and DVI Lighting is a leading name in the field of contemporary lighting.

Why choose DVI Lighting

DVI was founded by Adam Altenberg in 1968. Adam was a holocaust survivor who saved his family from war-wrecked Europe and came to Montreal. He started his company under the name of Dominion Ventures, a vendor of lighting parts. However, in 1997, with partners, Sam Wineberg and David Elman, Adam rebranded his company as DVI Lighting and slowly became a leading name in the residential lighting industry throughout North America. Currently headed by Creative Director and CEO, Robert Borg, the company has an administrative office in Toronto, two sales offices in Dallas and Toronto and two warehouses in Kentucky and Toronto. DVI is known for launching a new product line every year with affordable prices and sufficient stocks.

Selecting DVI Fixtures for Your House

Lighting your home can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Here are some steps that can help you select the essential fixtures for a new illumination scheme or for updating the existing one:

1.  Choosing the Style

Decide whether you want to go for a rustic décor or contemporary look. Identify the prime area or your favorite architectural element in a room and buy fixtures that complement it. For example, if you have modern recliner chair or sofa, opt for fittings with modern look and clean lines. Or, if your door handles have satin nickel finish, then you should choose fittings in matching color.

2.  Lighting Layers

Perfect illumination scheme comprises of three layers – Ambient, Task and Accent. Ambient Lighting offers general illumination, Task offers functional light and Accent provides creative glow. Each area has a dominant need for a particular lighting layer but for effective illumination, at least two layers are vital to create a harmonious balance.

3.  Selecting Fixtures

Every area in the house has specific illumination needs. While, kitchen and bathroom needs bright task lighting (; living area needs a blend of ambient, accent and task lighting layers. While you can mount a Valletta 6 light chandelier in living room, you can choose Valletta semi flush mount for dining room. Try installing a Solstice 4 light vanity light in the bathroom, Atom orb pendants in the bedroom and Summerside wall sconces in the outdoor area.

4.  Type of Bulbs

The type of lighting you want for each room is based on various factors like desired color temperature, required watts, lumens, etc. Apart from the usual incandescent lights, two other types of light bulbs trending nowadays include compact fluorescents (CFLs) and Light emitting diodes (LEDs). These bulbs are energy efficient and environment friendly. While warm white light is suitable for bedrooms and living areas, cool white lights are better for kitchens, bathrooms and workplaces. However, for reading purposes and lamps it is better to opt for yellow lighting.

5.  Mounting Ideas

First thing to do when deciding where to mount which fitting is to identify your lighting goals. Determine the purpose of installing lights – whether it is to highlight a particular area to carry out some tasks. Make sure you install wall sconces and lanterns in your outdoors to illuminate driveways, porch, landscaping, etc. Use multiple light sources in all important areas to achieve various functions and keep the rooms free from shadows. If you have contemporary décor and high ceiling, it is advised that you mount some recessed light fixtures for their directional glow.

Your home needs multiple layers of lighting and various styles of fixtures to achieve a well-balanced and efficient illumination scheme. So, go ahead and buy contemporary light fittings from DIV Lighting and get a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal!

Ornamental Lighting with Besa Light Fixtures


Create a balance between practicality and décor with a wide range of light fixtures available from Besa Lighting. The company is an industry leader in the field of contemporary lighting fixtures. Known for their exquisite, progressive and innovative fittings made with European glass, the company offers designs that are an epitome of functionality and allow a little room for flexibility. Their sophisticated designs complement all sorts of interiors. By combining time-honored skill of European artisans with avant-garde American designs, the company offers a perfect mix of excellent craftsmanship, beautiful fixtures and adjustable mounting choices. Their catalog comprises of a variety of designs and finishes, suitable for both residential and commercial clientele.

Why Lighting Plays an Important Role in Interior Scheme

Remember that the environs of your house change character all through the day. While your east facing living room will receive the direct glow from the sun in the early morning but it can be in shade and practically dark after noon. Similarly, the weather also affects the amount of natural daylight that each room in your house gets. Therefore, it is vital that the lighting requirements are taken into account while buying fittings for the area. The right kind of lighting can transform the whole feel and ambience of any room. In addition to providing the functional illumination required to carry out daily tasks in the area, the lights also offer artistic and mood elevating advantages.

Types of Light Effects

Ambience plays a crucial role in room illumination. While each room has a different role to play and needs fitting according to that, but even within each room, you may want to achieve different moods at different times. You can do this by playing with three main types of light effects:

•  Ambient

This is the basic and primary source of illumination in the area and mimics the effects of natural daylight. The glow of ambient lights is softer than that of harsh halogens, ambient lights and other wall fixtures and offers warm and relaxing glow. These lights are often used in living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms.

•  Accent

This type of light fulfills the creative aspect of lighting. It is used for aesthetic purposes instead of functional ones. They are meant to create drama in an area by highlighting a particular feature, such as a wall display, sculpture, painting or an architectural element. These lights are often used in addition to the ambient lights in the living area.

•  Task

Task lighting serves the functional aspect of lighting. They focus their glow on a specified area like study table or kitchen tops, so that various tasks undertaken in that area can be carried out with ease. Under wall lights, recessed lights, desk lamps and over the counter fixtures are just a few examples of task lighting.

While in kitchen area, the priority is to have appropriate task lighting to cook food properly; ambient lights are more suitable for relaxation area like living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Here are some of the tips to install Besa light fixtures in your house:

1.  As your entry hall is the first area that your guest witness on entering your house, it is advised that lights in the area should emit a warm and inviting glow. Falla pendant lamps from Besa will be perfect for this purpose.

2.  Your living room should offer a combination of all three types of lights – ambient, accent and task. Some Mixing Mettalics or Nico pendants in addition to a few lamps will look great in the living room.

3.  You should mount linear pendant lights like Sabrina or Brella from Besa over your kitchen top or in your bathroom for the task lighting needs.

4. Try installing Divi mini sconce in kid’s bedroom and Tamburo 8 or Metro sconces in master bedroom for relaxed and warm lighting. Also add some wardrobe lights, table lamps and night lights to your bedroom illumination scheme.

5.  Do not forget your outdoors. Exterior lighting ( is as important as indoor illumination. Mount some fixtures from Costaluz, the outdoor lighting range of Besa Lighting and illuminate your landscaping, outer walls, garden areas, porch and driveway.

Do not ignore the lighting scheme of your house anymore. With these tips at hand, you can choose light fittings from Besa Lighting that will complement your home interiors and make it look stunning and welcoming!

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